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Our Strengths


Quality In Every



We consistently provide design and plate making services tailored to meet the needs of our customers in Gravure, Offset, and Flexography industries.

Over 90 years of history and expertise

We utilize the expertise we have accumulated over many years and propose the best solutions.

Cutting-edge facilities and technical capabilities


We utilize the latest equipment and technology, prioritizing quality, safety, and the environment in our work.


Noritake Kougado Co., Ltd. takes responsibility for quality in every impression

Our company was founded in 1932 as a seal shop in Horidome-cho, Nihonbashi, Tokyo, and Noritake Kougado Co., Ltd. was established in 1952. In the early Showa period, we started with the manufacturing and sales of seals and rubber stamps. In the 1950s, there was a rapid increase in demand for cardboard printing rubber relief plates due to the switch from wooden boxes to cardboard. At that time, we used seal cutting tools to carve white rubber, but in the 1980s, with the popularization of Macintosh and barcodes, the era of resin relief plate making began. Currently, with the development of digital plates, high-definition plate making has become possible.

In our company, at our primary production Factory, we have introduced state-of-the-art plate making equipment such as Flexcel NX Wide and ESKO CDI Crystal 5080XPS, and we are capable of plate making for liquid, water-developable, and solvent materials.

To minimize the weakness of flexographic printing, which requires actual printing to evaluate, we focus on digital design, color management, dot gain correction, and other digital design techniques in plate making.

Having experienced the era of COVID-19, we are seriously considering the global environment and actively working on SDGs and plastic reduction. We aim to enhance our plate making technology in all areas, especially water-developable plates.

In order to further promote the increasing demand for flexographic printing, both domestically and internationally, we hope to collaborate with members of the FTAJ (Flexographic Technical Association of Japan) to share information and promote technological innovation. 


We are currently working on the 5S movement
as a condition for rationalisation, aiming to
establish a self-management system as part
of one of our goals.

Amidst the significant development of information and communication technology in recent years, Japan and the world as a whole are facing an unprecedented major turning point. Technological advancement, quality, and environmental standards are rapidly becoming globalized. We are addressing these issues as important challenges in our management.







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